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In this example a single document and a single image are downloaded, the document is modified based on which tab the user clicks, without connecting to the server.

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60 year old female with breast cancer

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Anterior image of the pelvis from a bone scan shows increased uptake in the soft tissues above the bladder.

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The mechanisms of uptake in soft tissues are similar to those for bones. Calcium and phosphate are deposited when there is an excess of tissue calcium, following local tissue necrosis or damage, or when the calcium phosphate product is elevated such as in primary or secondary hyperparathyroidism. Other mechanisms suggested to explain uptake in tissues other than bone include hyperemia, altered capillary permeability, presence of iron deposits, adsorption onto immature collagen, binding to denatured proteins or enzyme receptors.

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Uterine fibroid

fibroids.jpg (13183 bytes)References

Makhija MC; Brodie M. Demonstration of extremely large, pedunculated urine fibroids on bone scan. Clinical Nuclear Medicine, 1981 Aug, 6(8):384-5.