Phalangeal Fracture (Foot)

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Phalangeal fractures typically occur due to direct trauma or from a fall. Often, they are not treated operatively. Fractures of the distal phalanx of the first digit are the most common phalangeal injuries of the foot.
 - Click on the image for a larger versionAAP and oblique radiographs of the foot. These reveal several fractures. There is a fracture of the distal aspect of the first metatarsal as well as fractures of the proximal aspects of the proximal phalanges of digits one and two.
 - Click on the image for a larger versionBAP radiograph of the foot demonstrates a fracture of the fourth proximal phalanx.
 - Click on the image for a larger versionCAP radiograph of the foot shows a small fracture of the fifth proximal phalanx.

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