Healed rib fracture


Rob PM, Link J, Dalhoff K: Extrathoracic prolapse of the pulmonary parenchyma after a bout of coughing with spontaneous serial rib fractures]. Dtsch Med Wochenschr 1993 May 14;118(19):701-4.          [See related articles]

Chafetz N, Slivka J, Taylor A, Alazraki NP, Resnick D, Georgen T: Decreased 99mTc sulfur colloid activity in healed rib fractures. Radiology 1978 Mar;126(3):735-6.          [See related articles]

Bartel M, Kruger C, Kruger A, Sellentin W: [Late sequelae of rib fractures]. Z Gesamte Inn Med 1977 Aug 15;32(16):397-401.          [See related articles]

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Focal rib lesions (solitary or multiple)

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