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Convert a PowerPoint Presentations to MIRC Format

Convert the current presentation to MIRC, either as a MIRC "Index Card"  or "Article". When an index card is created, the index card is used by the MIRC server to find the PowerPoint presentation  When a user selects a MIRC index card for display, the user's browser is directed to the PowerPoint presentation. If an article is created, a MIRC document containing the text of the presentation and screen shots of the slides will be displayed.

When "Include Notes" is checked, the notes are included in the MIRC document. When "Zip" is checked a copy of the PowerPoint presentation, the XML document containing the test of the presentation, and the screen shots of the slides are compressed in a single zip file ready to upload to the MIRC server. The size of the images representing screen shots of the slides can be selected by the user. The images can be saved in JPG, PNG and GIF format.

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