ChopartLike the Lisfranc amputation, the Chopart amputation is a forefoot/midfoot level procedure and suffers from the same gait disturbances during walking.  In addition, the Chopart is also prone to form an equinus deformity (but much more severe than in the case of a Lisfranc amputation).  In response to this, additional operative procedures have been devised (Roach and McForlane) in order to prevent the early equinus deformity from becoming fixed.  Heel cord tenotomies are able to prevent this problem, resulting in only 1 of 44 patients who go on to fixed equinus deformity according to one of Roach's studies.  This is a significant improvement over what was the case prior to such procedures, and may be responsible, in part, for a modest resurgence in the Lisfranc and Chopart amputations. 


These images show an amputation through the calcaneal-cuboid and talo-navicular joints (Chopart level).   


Selected images of different patients showing the Chopart amputation.


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