Displaced Strut Graft
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Wound Infection
Seroma and Epidural Scar
Epidural Hematoma - CT
Epidural Hematoma - MRI
Graft Reabsorption
Endplate Fracture
Graft Collapse
Displaced Strut Graft
Broken Screw
Screw in Spinal Canal
Slipped rod
Screw in Disc space
Screw Loosening & Hematoma
Screw Backing Out
Screw Loosening

Displaced Strut Graft

63 yr old with progressive myelopathy and severe cervical spondylosis. Patient underwent 3 level corpectomy (C4-6) and anterior cervical fusion to decompress the spinal cord ventrally and return some cervical lordosis.

Lateral radiograph taken immediately after the initial operation. The C4, C5, C6 corpectomies with central strut graft placement is seen, and an anterior fixation plate with screws at the C3 and T1 levels are identified. No immediate hardware complications noted.
Lateral radiograph 4 months post-op demonstrating the strut graft now  displaced anteriorly, and the inferior fixation screw is not located in the vertebral body. No acute fracture seen.
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