Wound Infection
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Wound Infection
Seroma and Epidural Scar
Epidural Hematoma - CT
Epidural Hematoma - MRI
Graft Reabsorption
Endplate Fracture
Graft Collapse
Displaced Strut Graft
Broken Screw
Screw in Spinal Canal
Slipped rod
Screw in Disc space
Screw Loosening & Hematoma
Screw Backing Out
Screw Loosening

Wound Infection

56 Y.O. female who 12 years prior had a prior C5-6 discectomy and fusion, which failed secondary to bone graft failure, was treated with HALO fixation and did well. More recently, she had worsening myleopathic symptoms a C2-C7 laminectomy. Patient was spiking fevers for several days post-operatively and the wound was indurated and red.


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Contrast enhanced axial CT scan  demonstrates unroofing of the spinal canal from the C2 to the C7 with bilateral laminectomies and removal of the spinous processes. There is a fluid collection without significant rim enhancement in the post surgical bed at the C2 level, posterior to the spinal canal. Within this, there is some air. The fluid collection appears to extend inferiorly to the C3 level, and then a small slit of fluid continues inferiorly to the C5 - 6 level (not shown), where it appears to communicate with the midline incision .


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